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Kroll powers sound decisions for clients ‐ and this requires a diverse and engaged team of employees. The Kroll Network of Women (NOW) was launched in 2012 to attract, develop and retain women at all levels of the firm. Kroll CEO, Noah Gottdiener, outlined his vision of providing a supportive environment for women in a message to the firm:

“As a firm that aims to provide trusted advice to clients, there is no diminishing the importance of people to our success. You ‐ the employees of Kroll are critical. Developing a diverse and engaged team of employees not only makes good business sense, but it’s the right thing to do. So it is in this spirit that we launched the Kroll Women’s Initiative to offer special resources in such areas as recruitment, training, marketing, business development, networking and communications.

We have an extraordinary group of women at Kroll. I look forward to serving as a supporter and advocate for them and for this initiative, which will galvanize women at the firm and set the stage for future generations of women to grow and succeed here.”

Employee Highlights

Becca Levy
Rebecca Levy co-chaired the Women’s Bar Association Gala in Boston. The event was a big success, attracting over 700 attendees, and Becca was also recognized in the WBA Chronicle, a magazine that’s distributed at the Gala and other WBA events throughout the year.
Rebecca Levy
Director, Expert Services,
Loredana Drovetto
Loredana Drovetto joined American Appraisal in 1985 as an executive assistant and found many opportunities to grow professionally. She became a part of Kroll through our acquisition and today, she’s Managing Director and CEO of Fixed Asset Management and Insurance Solutions (FAMIS).
Loredana Drovetto
Managing Director –
CEO of the Italian FAMIS Operations,
Marie Barber
This is a fascinating client base – the individuals we work with are intelligent, driven – and tax is an important factor to the way they run their business. Our relationship is with the founders/principals of the business or their CFO/CEOs, which keeps us on our toes!
Marie Barber
Managing Director, Tax Services,
Rebecca Fuller

Being in business development, for me, the thing that keeps my engine turning at full speed is all of the untapped connections and ‘what ifs’ in our business. The possibilities and open goals at Kroll really are plentiful and here for the taking.

Rebecca Fuller
Managing Director, Valuation Services,

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