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Kroll’s One Flexible Team offers project-based and temporary opportunities for independent professionals who seek flexibility.

As Kroll remains at the forefront of the ever-changing business landscape, we’re continuing to offer opportunities to grow professionally within a flexible, part-time, and remote working environment. As a part of our One Flexible Team, you’ll be armed with training and support to develop your skills with the flexibility to tailor your schedule to your needs.

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1. What type of work does Kroll’s One Flexible Team do?

Kroll’s One Flexible Team offers project-based, temporary, part-time work to support our businesses in many ways including using research skills to create professional reports.

2. What qualifications are you looking for?

We are looking for individuals with excellent research skills who can easily summarize research findings. We are also extremely interested in those with multiple language skills (in addition to English).

3. What would a typical schedule look like?

Each position may vary. On average a flexible worker would work about 20 or more hours per week. You can work with your manager to create a schedule that works best for you.

4. How can I apply?

You can view all of our open positions here

5. Who should apply for One Team, One Flexible Workforce?

If you are interested in a part-time position and are a great writer who is fluent in multiple languages, we want to hear from you! This could include primary caretakers, teachers, professors, military spouses, veterans, graduate students, independent professionals, and anyone else looking for flexible, part-time work.

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